Who is Free to Be?
Free to Be is the only non-political, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of its kind committed to inspiring patriotism in our young people. It encourages a sense of pride and involvement in the greatest nation on earth.  Presented for free at middle and high schools coast to coast since 2006, the Free to Be assembly program consists of an award-winning video, interactive discussion, and local veteran guests. It's all about America, our home, and how lucky we are that it is; freedom - its value and its cost, and not taking it for granted; the importance of getting your education; the opportunity America provides to us all; and respect and love for our veterans and our country...patriotism. In America today could there be a more important message ?

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For decades America's young people have taken their country, their freedom and their way of life for granted. If this continues they are destined to lose it all... Free to Be solves this critical problem. We tackle it head-on, school by school. We go directly into the schools, in person, eye to eye and heart to heart with the students - and their teachers - with the message that matters... the most important class of their lives.

Through a powerful, interactive, non-political presentation — in a live assembly venue Free to Be challenges and inspires students to truly cherish their AMERICA, to get their education, and to be interested, informed, involved citizens who will elect our leaders and be our leaders.
Free to Be is non-political, has no hidden agenda, exudes diversity, and is free to the schools.

97% of teens who experience Free to Be confirm - admit - that Free to Be changed their thinking, behavior, goals, or life. Imagine 97% of America's 24,997,875 middle and high school students acquiring respect, pride and love for America and the freedom, education, opportunity, and hope she affords us all!  Then, four years later, imagine the next 25 million learning this essential life lesson, then the next and the next... this is our quest... for the country, for the young people who will soon inherit it, for us all.

We are striving to save a great nation... a special nation. Someone must. We found the avenue to the young people! Therein lies the answer. But we need help. If you have benefited from the hope, opportunity, education, and freedom that comes with being an American, you can be a very direct part of this quest to preserve and protect America's future.  The young people who will soon manage and govern this great nation must have a solid footing in our historic legacy of freedom and patriotism if America is to continue to be the beacon of hope to the world.
Below are the graphs we show the kids. It is the dramatic median incomes of age 25 and older full time, employed Americans in 2018 from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It will surprise you also. Students are persuaded to reconsider dropping out of school after experiencing Free to Be.
Free to Be
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The actual video we show the students on our giant screen. 

Young Free to Be supporters
with Bob Lucas, WWII veteran

Jackson Tooker, Bob Lucas & Landon Floyd
then and now

St. Cecilia Catholic School
Veterans Day
Assembly Pictures

Paul Merriman, WWII - Iwo Jima Purple Heart recipient

Paul brought his WWII memorabilia

St Cecilia students honored to meet Paul Merriman

Northern California Tour
Assembly Pictures

Fortuna High School with Stan Howe, WWII veteran

Smith River School with Jack McCutcheon, WWII veteran 
 K-8th grades

Redwood Middle School with Jack McCutcheon, WWII veteran
 6-8th grades

Burnt Ranch School with Frank Garcia, WWII veteran
 4-8th grades

Hoopa High School with Bill Carpenter, Korean War veteran
 9-12th grades

Hayfork Middle School 4-8th grades 

Southern Trinity School 6-12th grades 

Veterans Day 
Assembly Pictures

WWII veteran Norman Woodruff at North Zulch

 WWII veteran C.B. Perdue at Harmony Academy


Assembly pictures

 Harvard High - Alumni Wendy Salyers Pollard
WWII veteran Lester Ljunggren

Gering Jr High - WWII veteran AL Reiber

Bluffs Middle School - WWII veteran Al Reiber

Kansas Tour

Russ O'Meara, Larry Tooker, Charle Walje and Arnold Debrick in Paola, KS

Paola Middle School, (Kansas) meeting the veterans

Arnold Debrick, Jenifer Tooker, Charlie Walje 

Bradley Smith at Osawatomie School (Kansas)

Greg Demko at Grand Saline, TX displaying artillery

Iwo Jima survivors at 67th reunion in San Antonio

Paul Merriman, Iwo Jima Purple Heart at 
67th Survivors Reunion 
Paul Merriman
April 11, 1927 - June 3, 2017

We will miss you sweet Marty.
You continue to tour with Free to Be...
your legacy will never be forgotten.

Martin "Marty" Ritchey Sidener
Feb 1, 1925 - Feb 7, 2015
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