Robert Lucas

Dallas, Texas
Baylor University School of Business
U.S. Army Air Force, 1942 – 1945
Sales Manager, IBM Office Products Division, 30 years
1978 to present – self-employed, real estate
Parent and grandparent
Mr. Lucas was a bomber pilot in World War II. He was shot down in Germany and made his way, on foot, back to freedom.
Mr. Lucas has a great love for his country.

Wendy Pollard 

Fairview, Texas
University of Nebraska, School of Journalism
Served on the staff of Senator Lynch (Neb.)(D)
Served on the staff of Senator Sibley (Tex.)(R)
Politically and civically active
Certified Pilates Instructor
Married with three children

Billa Willis

Dallas, Texas
Widow of Robert Willis, a decorated WWII veteran – Army Air Corps – A lifelong employee of Frito Corp./Frito-Lay Corp./Pepsico - retired executive of Pepsico
Politically and civically active
Mother of three, two grandchildren

Jenifer Tooker

Fairview, Texas
Baylor University, Bachelor of Science in Education
First woman recruited for Baylor University Women’s Golf
Wife of Larry Tooker, founder, The Fireside Project
Project Manager  - Free to Be
Office Manager - Intermarc /Circuit Metals LLC
Consultant - Cloud 9 Healthcare

Larry C. Tooker    Chairman

Founder, President – The Fireside Project "Free to Be"
President, owner, INTERMARC – Professional Manufacturers’ Representatives, electronics, electro-mechanical components
National Sales Manager for Cloud 9 Healthcare

Four children, four grandchildren
Dallas area resident and businessman since 1963 

Board members were selected on the basis of their common qualities: Each has a great love and appreciation of America and its great legacy of freedom. Each understands that freedom is not free and requires maintenance and preservation. Each has experienced a share of the American Dream. Each is a parent. Each understands, encourages and supports The Fireside Project.


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