Student & Faculty Feedback

"I loved the video!"
9th Grader, Highland Park High School

"The Free to Be... video made me a better person and it made me realize how precious our freedom is."
12th Grader, Campbell High School

"AWESOME PROGRAM!!! Let EVERY school in AMERICA see that!  Sooo inspiring!"
5th Grader, Mendenhall Elementary

"I would like to see Free to Be every year!"

7th Grader, Van Junior High

"It was very professionally done, positive, and important to our students!  Thank you."
Dean of Instruction, Anna High School

12th Grader, Marcus High School

"A wonderful presentation!  Not only did it help the students to be more patriotic, but also myself.  The 'Free To Be' program is one I would recommend to all schools... and even businesses!"
Teacher, Whitewright High School

"I loved the program."
12th Grader, Mineral Wells High School

"This was a great show.  I wish that every schools should see Free to Be.  I will always be Free To Be."
5th Grader, Mendenhall Elementary

"I really liked it and the speakers were very excellent to where everybody could hear. I want to thank her for coming and have a great Free to be day."
11th Grader, Walnut Springs

"Professionally presented - high quality"
Teacher, CB Thompson Middle School

"I felt that this 10th grade class was as well behaved as any 10th grade class in the last 14 years during an assembly. I feel the presentation had a lot to do with the attentiveness of our students. I feel we all need to be reminded from time to time to be thankful for the gift of freedom and not take anything for granted."
Teacher, The Colony High School

"It really made me thing.  I wanted to cry because I thought of how I took granted of all the thing I have and I just wanted and wanted but not now."
6th Grader, Alba-Golden High School

"One of the best informative programs on the subject of Freedom I have seen.  Great Job!!"
Principal, Chico High School

"When I went to Mexico it was so different to me (it was my 1st time to go there) even though I was little I relized that we are spoiled to be Americans.  Looking back I know that I rather be here than be in mexico and won't have as much.  I'm glad that you came here & told them how we are soo... lucky to be here."
7th Grader, Wills Point Junior High

"It was amazing to watch how intent and focused my students were on the program.  We discussed what the program was about. My students had very interesting comments."

Teacher, Campbell School

"I thought that this program inspired me so much that someday I will tell my kids and grandkids.  i hope that maybe we can have the program again.  Thanx!  p.s. good luck for all that you are doing for our fellow Americans.  I'm now free to be!"
7th Grader, Moody Middle School

"I think the moview was very inspiring to me.  I have a totally different view on America now."
7th Grader, Mineral Wells Junior High

"Our students need to be exposed to the heroes presented in Free To Be now & often because that generation will not be around to tell their stories for many more years."
Counselor, King High 

"This was a very educational program that I enjoyed very much.  The program gave us all a deeper meaning for Americans and what our freedom means.  I would like this to be shown every year, if possible, because it is so inspiring."
8th Grader, J.W. Williams Middle School

"Great Job.  Kept the students interested - excellent info & delivery."
Teacher, The Colony High School

"Loved it!  It was great seeing young people bring the message, instead of school teachers and parents."
Teacher, Howe Middle School

"I think the presentation was very good.  The speaker made it interesting so that we could pay attention."

7th Grader, Wills Point Junior High

"Free to be is a video that can change your life.  I think everybody have to see the video free to be."
9th Grader, W.T. White High School

"I never though of the United States like that.  makes me look at what people are doing for our country."
8th Grader, Cuellar Middle School

"What a Great Service you are providing!"
Teacher, Yantis High School

"Thanks very much.  The program made me want to help other teenage kids learn about are freedom.  Thanks"
9th Grader, Alba-Golden High School

"I thought the presentation was great.  I think it should be shown at least every 3 to 4 years at the same school so every student will get to see it at least once."
12th Grader, Whitewright High School

"Our school has many immigrant students so this was a perfect way to explain the United States definition of Freedom and way to be patriotic."
Teacher, Mendenhall Elementary

"I liked it, and it made me realize how lucky I am to live here."
7th Grader, Howe Middle School

"Out standing program... to the point & powerful!"

"It opened my eyes to see how much is sacrificed to let Americans be free."
12th Grader, Quitman High School

"I loved the movie!  it moved me spiritually and made me more proud to be an American.  i am so glad the come to our school."
7th Grader, Van Junior High

"That video was amazing!  It sure does show you and wake you up to how blessed our country is to have freedom.  Great Job!"
7th Grader, Howe Middle School

"Great video that everyone needs to see.  We take so much for granted that this video gives different perspectives.  Thanks a bunch."
Teacher, Mendenhall Elementary

"Good job!! 'it rocked my socks'  Super"
8th Grader, Moody Middle School

"I'm really glad that the Colony High School showed us this film, because it will help me become a better American."
9th Grader, The Colony High School

"A super program!"
Teacher, Campbell School

"I really enjoyed seeing Free To Be, expecially where they showed us the part were people risked there life for us to be free."
5th Grader, Mendenhall Elementary

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