Jenifer Tooker
Project Manager

Project Manager


Born in Olathe, Kansas - March 18, 1970
Graduated Temple High School ’88 - Temple, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Education - Baylor University ‘93
First Baylor Recruit for Womens’ Golf Team 1988-1992  

Jenifer worked in customer service and sales for US Long Distance Co. in Waco, Texas and transferred to the Dallas branch in October 1994.  She married Larry Tooker on September 20, 1996.  She has been Office Manager for Intermarc, Manufacturers Representative firm since 2003, Consultant for Cloud 9 Healthcare since 2014 and Project Manager for Free to Be since it was founded in 2004.

 “The creation of Free to Be is a simple but inspiring story for me.  In 1998, Larry and I were driving home from a short weekend get-away and we were listening to a cassette of the greatest songs of America.  It was emotional for both of us and Larry was brainstorming about how can we take the inspiring message of AMERICA to our young kids of this country… because they just don’t get taught patriotism anymore.  The message encompasses how lucky we are to be Americans, how we need to preserve freedom for future generations, and that our teenagers must not take this all for granted.  Larry described to me a film he saw when he was a senior at Norman High School and still remembered it fifty-nine years later. He thought if we can make something that memorable about America, it will work. While he was driving, I was at work sketching different logos and sayings on paper and one was .... "Keep America Rolling". I could visualize it on the side of a semi-truck.  

Well, years passed, and September 11th happened, and one day in 2004 Larry said, "We are going to start this assembly program and I have started filling out the 501(c)(3) paperwork". After years of working on the script and finding the right producer, AMS Pictures (in Dallas) to develop this memorable video, Free to Be was in schools beginning April 25, 2006 at Celeste High School in north Texas.  We were extremely lucky to have found a scheduler and presenter, Stefanie DeLaGarza, who was a wonderfully dedicated worker and helped us grow Free to Be. She was with us from our first assembly in 2006 till 2013 when she started her own family.

Larry’s dedication and perseverance to this endeavor is one of a kind.  During the development of Free to Be, the country was in turmoil and hit with an economic downfall which impacted our business as well, but his passion for this country kept him on this path to complete Free to Be.  His patriotism is tremendous and very addictive.  We are currently a 2-man team: Larry and myself. The program is designed for one person to travel and present the assemblies with help from a few volunteer students to help unload the Suburban full of equipment. Each school is different but they all have the same common denominator; these young students pay attention, they listen and watch the video and are excited to shake hands with our local veteran guests we interview to close the assembly program. 
Our goal is to grow Free to Be into a nationwide effort.  With the help of enough donations, grants and corporate sponsorships, we will have Free to Be presenters in every state.  I am dedicated to this mission with Larry and I am extremely honored to be by his side.”

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